New Zealand

The view from the bridge at Hukka Falls River in Taupo

A Sulphuric Acid Waterfall at Wai-o-Taupo Volcanic Wonderland Park near Rotorua

The View of Akoroa – taken on the drive down the mountain side.

Just the right height to play a Hobbit!!

The Pebble Stone Beach at Kaikoura – just next to the mountainside – my favourite place in New Zealand

Craters Of The Moon near Taupo – to me it looks as though its ancient waist land – which was cool

Wai-O-Taupo’s huge multi-coloured acid lake

Hukka Falls in Taupo

A Waterfall that runs over the mountains and into the Franz Joseph Glacier


The view of the mountainside from our campsite in Queenstown

The base of the Franz Joseph Glacier – it is an optical illusion that is actually a 5k walk to the Glacier

Bilbo Baggins’ House

An Ice Tunnel at Franz Joseph

A Rainbow that formed in the mist from the Geezer at Wai-O-Taupo

The View From The Top Of  A Glacier

Climbing Franz Joseph.

Sam Wise Ganges’ House

A Church Left In Rubble In Christ Church New Zealand

Animal babies In A Jar At Wellington Zoo

Sitting On The Ice Glacier

Wai-O-Taupo Lake


Franz Joseph

Ice Formations

Ridiculous Signs At Wellington Zoo

Green Lake At Wai-O-Taupo

Blue Steel Ally at Franz Joseph


People Look Like Ants At The Top Of Franz Joseph

Meerkat At Wellington Zoo

The Geezer Pre Eruption

View From The Top Of Mount Iron

Feeding one of New Zealand’s 4million Sheep

The Top Of Hukka Falls

Below Auckland’s Sky Tower

Craters Of The Moon

River Outside of Tongarero

Lake Wanaka

River Outside of Tongarero

The Campervan

Mini Waterfall

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