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Hi my name is Claire, I am no professional writer and this is my very first blog, however I’ve not had too much to write about before now!

 I have spent much of my life living in the worst town in the UK (literally it has won the tittle repeatedly), I have travelled to various countries around the world in my time such as Italy, Germany, Egypt and a surreal day in Haiti but none can compare to the trip I embarked upon on the 28th of March 2011.

After much convincing I finally persuaded my long-term boyfriend Adam to give in and come traveling around the world. On the way we experienced an amazing camping trip, glaciers, earthquake aftermath, hostel life, light bulb sales, one hell of a bus ride, farming, living in the lap of luxury, some weird stuff with animals, some tasty kangaroo, some not so tasty snake, a ping pong show, some world wonders, an elephant ride and much much more! If you want to follow my blog posts please subscribe to the RSS Feed or click the follow on Twitter button at the bottom of every post to receive Tweets. If you like my Blog or even if you don’t comments are appreciated as there is no better feeling as a writer than to know that people are actually reading your work. So happy travels! Click Here to read Backpacking Claire

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