Thursday, 5 July 2012

Last Nignt In Brado's

So; since my trip to The Blue Mountains, life had been relatively uneventful, just, life in The Cross, Selling light bulbs in the week and heading to Bondi and out on the lash on the weekend.  It was a great time but not much eventful to write home about. I became bored of this lifestyle; after all I am supposed to be traveling!  Around a month after the trip to the Blue Mountains some people were taking that bus on an epic road trip up the coast – so we decided to join them.

If you are following this blog regularly I will give you a quick rundown of the people going on this trip, as I will be mentioning them a lot:

There is Me and Adam:  the only couple on the trip.

Ryan: Is a small man, with a very large and eccentric personality.

Jere: A Finnish ‘manly man’ who is way too loud and loves to drink way to much – but in a good way.

Arwel / Harry: Is lovable – His real name is Arwel but someone said he looked like prince Harry – so he rolled with it and I never knew it wasn’t his name for months.

Hanna / Jess / Steph: Are team Canada, Hanna is the mother hen, Jess is just awesome and Steph can sing.

Kelly: Is our driver and the sensible one – unless she has a drink!

Clare: Is blonde Clare, I’m brown Claire – not to imaginative as it just corresponds to our hair colour.

Katy: very cool eccentric girl with awesome hair.

Our last night in the Hostel was pretty ridiculous, we were all very drunk and it was our last night so we ‘urmm’ let loose. I had acquired a master key at some point and could access every room in the hostel – this resulted in, me finding Adam cuddled up I my bed with Harry, me trying to raid every room in the Hostel to finally settle in some poor girls bed (who then just joined me at 5am, as though this was normal) and another girl who has a tendency to wet the bed, well, she peed her friends bed.

We wake up in the morning slightly bleary eyed and ready to start our adventure, but there is just one big problem. We are waiting for the car to be picked up in Bondi as it was being held there until the registration had been paid off. So at around 5pm, after we had completed the very complex task of figuring out how 11 people, 11 backpacks, 2 giant teddy bears, tents, cooking equipment, food and a kite board would fit into a Toyota Hiyace,  we were on our way; and so a road trip of a lifetime begins.

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