Monday, 25 June 2012

The Blue Mountains

Whilst living in Sydney I made two visits to The Blue Mountains; the first visit was an innocent affair, me, Adam and Martjin caught a train from Sydney to Katoomba, and then walked down to the three sisters. The Blue Mountains do look incredible – not so much the three sisters which is essentially a rock formation, but the sheer vastness of it all; Bushland that stretches for miles on end. Walking down to the base level at the bottom can take hours but you will see some truly stunning scenery; cascading waterfalls, a possible koala and beautiful bushland. There is a train that takes you back to the top again and I would suggest that you take it, because I didn’t and the walk back to the top was arduous and, funny enough, not as enjoyable as the walk down.

My second trip to The Blue Mountains was not nearly as innocent a little visit.
This was a weekend camping trip with 10 other people from the Hostel. A guy that we knew called Ryan had bought a bus a few months earlier and had decided that a bunch of us would go camping in it. So, of we set on a Friday night, I had a spare pair of knickers and a box of goon!! The first night consisted of pulling up in a park somewhere near Katoomba and setting up camp for the night. We all got really, really wasted playing catch the goon, I wrestled with a girl that I had just meet and we found spray paint and defiled our bus with some profanity’s, that didn’t seem such a good idea in the morning, as we actually had to drive around in this bus.

Slightly bleary-eyed  in the morning, we set of too Katoomba were the boys continued to drink; one got stuck in a bin in Subway, another (a rather loud man from Finland) streaked down the street and got into a strangers car at a zebra crossing; this was the general behaviour of that weekend. This time we didn’t walk down to the bottom as most of us had done it once before – but we did drive to the Jenolan Caves were we all, except the driver (poor girl) got drunk and the boys decided to go for a swim in a snake infested lagoon!! Excellent idea!

Whilst trying to find our campsite we got lost and decided to park up on the side of the road and do some stupid shit, when a couple pulled over and kindly  informed us that the police were after us!! S**t!! move, and true to form around 5 mins later we were pulled over. Trying to pretend to be sober whilst being spoken to by the police is rather awkward, especially when your boyfriend is lying next to you passed out cover in writing and various gross things, and soaking wet from his dip in the lagoon.  The officer asked a question you should never be asked “so were you playing with those animals on the side of the road back there?”… “No” we lied. “Who wrote all of this ‘stuff’ on your bus”…. “umm….we don’t know” what I found funny is that, he found it acceptable that there were crude sexual terms all over the bus but not the word f**k. I am not saying that it was that acceptable that we had any of that stuff written on the bus, but honestly, F**k was probably the most socially acceptable word on that thing – he needs to get his priorities wright. So we covered up the rude word and were issued with a fine for the licence plate being damaged – but I would say on a whole this was a crisis averted.

We eventually found our campsite and I genuinely cannot remember any of that night, I had a goon blackout, and the next morning we were headed back to Sydney where our newly decorated bus attracted some attention. We then continued our day drinking in The Sugar Loaf with some awesome steaks and cocktails until one of the guys in the hostel licked some poo; So that was my weekend, make of it what you will.

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