Thursday, 14 June 2012

Anything But Clothes

On my second day living in Brado’s “the party hostel” I felt slightly embarrassed about the night before, I mean I did get really really drunk and have to get carried home – and my boyfriend did, kind of throw up all over the hostel. I tell myself that “Today is a new day, and I will not embarrass myself”. The next thing I know the cleaners come into the room to find me huddled in a blanket, looking like death asking me what I plan to do about Adams sick – and now I’m embarrassed already!

Other than the sick issue my day goes without a hitch, I spend another day being all touristy and doing touristy things around Sydney. Upon return to the Hostel Tom and Liam tell us that everyone is going out and that we can’t wear clothes!!

It is backpacker night at The Gaff and the theme is anything but clothes. Considering all that I own are clothes, I am a little bit stumped. I walk around the hostel and see that all of the other girls have spent the entire day making clothes from trash, literally, and some of them really do “look good in a bin bag”. I have no clue what to do, one hour to get ready, no trash and no clue what to wear – I can’t be the only person not to join in, I’m new to the hostel and I am trying to fit in. I head to Terry Tibs and buy some bin bags, wrapping paper and tape and quickly fashion myself a dress. I cut three holes in a bin bag for Adam – he looked ridiculous. Everyone else in the hostel looked like the most random version of homeless people that you have ever seen.

We all leave to get the bus that takes us to the club and realise that no one else on that bus is dressed up!! We arrive at the club and no one else in the whole place is dressed up; there are just 20 of us in a huge club wearing trash!! So I get drunk, and don’t care until I loose everyone and am left on my own just aimlessly wondering around in a bin bag dress, sooo to feel less awkward I drink some more! I also stupidly wore out flip flops; I just thought that heels wouldn’t really match my outfit. Because I wore flip flops I cut my foot on glass and was literally pissing blood. I wonder up to the bouncer and say “I have cut my foot, and need to get a plaster….but I am so drunk, can I please come back in after… I’m sorry that I’m so drunk” I must have looked positively insane, so you can imagine my surprise when the bouncer handed me $5 to get a plaster and said I could come back in! I went to the shop where the shopkeeper took one look at my foot and personally bandaged me up for free (Australians can be so kind sometimes) when I got back the bouncer had been replaced by a new one so I got to keep the $5 and get myself another drink – result.

Eventually I found the hostel peeps; it wasn’t that difficult they kind of stood out. We tried to get home but got lost and I was carried back yet again. Adam had apparently been kicked out earlier in the night for doing something disgusting that I don’t care to go into. I think that we are getting a reputation as a rather unconventional couple.

The moral of my story is – don’t dress up in a bin bag ever, and you can get a free drink by cutting your foot!

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