Friday, 20 April 2012

Welcome To Hobbiton

After a long drive back down past Auckland we arrive in Mata Mata, more famously known as Hobbiton. We arrive late at night and have not yet become hardy travellers; so chicken out about parking up on the side of the street. We end up in the grottiest campsite ever. About 20mins outside of town.
After my freezing cold wash in the morning alongside a cockroach we dressed and left for a day trip at the Hobbinton set.

Arriving for the morning tour; in true New Zealand style our first activity of the day was feeding some lambs. They are super cute. We then toured the set with our extremely enthusiastic guide. Learned some neat facts about the set and cast and how they filmed it all. Found out that I and Adam are the right size to be Hobbits and should audition to be extras in the Hobbit movie. To round of the day of course there was a good old fashioned sheep shearing!
Overall it’s a really great day if you are a Lord Of The Rings fan like me if you’re not save your $32 for something else.

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