Friday, 20 April 2012

Out Of Time In Auckland

I board the plane and shed some tears as I say goodbye to my friends and family as I won’t be seeing them for an entire year and set off on the trip of a lifetime. Our First port of call New Zealand, after a 29 hour trip with stop offs in both Bangkok and then in Sydney. As you can imagine me and Adam were left feeling a bit disorientated with the time. Jet lag isn’t the word!

We had done it we had actually arrived on the other side of the world which means the complete opposite time zone. So we booked into Base hostel Auckland. We ended up with a room with no windows and no means of telling the time because Adam in all his wisdom had left his blackberry on the plane on the stopover in Sydney. We had no watch, no phone and no sunlight by witch to tell the time.
On our first few days in New Zealand we stayed in Auckland whilst we waited to pick up our campervan. We spent a day wondering the streets of this very multicultural city and, it is at that time probably the nicest, cleanest, friendliest city I have ever had the pleasure to visit.
I suppose that’s not too hard considering the low population in New Zealand they have more sheep than people! We caught the shark bus to the aquarium where we saw some penguins and walked back to the city. Word of warning Just because you can see something in the distance does not mean that it is actually in walking distance!
After 5 hours we finally reached the City where we stopped for a break and a bite to eat. We decided to go to a Chinese place were all the locals were eating and I asked for honey chicken. My meal was served with a rotten egg on the side not exactly what I expected from New Zealand but What ya gonna do. The Next day we went to the Campervan hire shop to pick up our van and set off on our journey around NZ!

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