Friday, 20 April 2012

Glow Worm Caves Waitomo

We arrive and are told to change into our wet suits as we are going Black Water Rafting in the Waitomo Glow Worm Caves. So after a massive struggle to get into my suit and getting on my children’s wellies I am ready to enter the cave.
There is a ladder in a field that leads into a tiny hole in the ground, I struggled to fit into it, and goodness knows how the fat German lady managed. I scale down the ladder and am the first in the cave. It’s dark and wet and completely awesome.

After squeezing through and around some more rocks we then swim to the next part it’s like an underground obstacle course. And then we see them, thousands of glow-worms. We turn of our headlights and just look at them it’s incredible like looking at thousands of stars in the sky.
We learn about the glow worms and find out they are not as romantic as they look. They are incestuous, carnivorous creatures and what is glowing is their shit, but it is the prettiest shit I have ever seen!
We then grab our rubber rings and head to the underground river where we jump of a high ledge in the ring into the river and float underneath all the pretty poo. It was seriously relaxing so much so that the fat German lady had a nap.
Then after a 20 minute climb towards the surface Adam encountered a scary spider and was almost unable to continue as he was so scared.
I loved Caving in Waitomo however Adam reckons it’s the same as a walk in the dark!

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