Tuesday, 24 April 2012

The Day I Climbed A Mountain And Lost My Pride

We arrive in Wanaka buying our Easter Eggs on the way I got a Crunchy, Adam got a cream egg. Anyway we arrive and are all set and excited for skiing – except there is one tiny little problem! There’s no snow : (

Wanaka is a town with a lake surrounded by mountains and is essentially a massive ski resort, so what do you do when there is no snow – apparently you climb Mt. Iron.

I think that this is hands down the absolute worst idea that I have ever had! We drive to the mountain base and think meh, this will be a piece of piss!! You know two young people, we can see 50 year olds setting off up the mountain. What we were not taking into account was that I have not exercised – at all for about 2 years.

After about 20 minutes of walking up-hill I nearly pass out, this mountain is after all a mountain and is pretty steep. So being me I lay on the floor and have, a maybe – slightly - over dramatic hyperventilation attack, and a little cry because I’m a gimp.

Whilst having my break-down on the ground of the mountain, I experience a moment of utter shame. A woman – who looks as though she is around 70 years old over takes me and laughs. Wow this is embarrassing!

Adam at this point gets his butt in gear and try’s to motivate me up this bloody mountain. Neither of us cares what is at the top at this point; it is our pride at steak.

2 hours later that pride is gone- when that bloody freak woman returns back down the mountain after already getting to the top with a pleasant “hello” as me and Adam are on the floor again.

Then alright – we must be near the top – right – almost there.

An hour and a half later we are still not there, but who do we see. Freaky old lady on her second trip up the mountain, over taking us AGAIN!!

This can’t be right either she is a really, really old Wonder Woman or I am just a terrible mess of a person. And sadly I think it’s the later.

Ok so I am royally pissed off, I’m shouting and no longer want to be on this mountain it’s getting- sort of dark and were going to be stuck up here – and die.

When finally, FINALLY!! We reach the top.

What an amazing feeling I had climbed a mountain (very slowly) but still I did it.

Old Lady was there of course to give me a well done before giving me a smug little look (I hate her). The pic is the view from the top so yer it was ok.

5 hours up the mountain and 1 and a half back down, thank God as we reached the base at sundown. All tuckered out I had a great sleep that night.

So what do I take from this experience? I need to change my hedonistic lifestyle – did I? no of course not!!

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