Monday, 23 April 2012

The Crazy Man

So during our many swaps of the campervans we decide to stay at this random farm just outside of Christchurch to wash all of our stuff – just in case!

The first night was great, the farm was so quaint we were the only guests and there was cute baby bunnies and donkeys to feed it was like being a kid at Dell Farm again.

On the second night we had to re-wash our stuff so stayed for a second night. This time we had the company of a serial killer. We are cooking in the kitchen minding our own business – as you do! When in pops the crazy assed grounds keeper.

He proceeded to tell us his life story and how he was born in Luton of all places – this is when I may have started to judge his character. He told us how he was on the run and would be arrested if he entered the UK as he had murdered a man – as you do!!!

Slightly freaked out we vacate the kitchen area and start our laundry, then head back to the Campervan. I get out of the van to swap the washing and what do I find? CRAZY MURDERER MAN outside our van just staring at it in the dark. Holy shit!!!

I grab Adam, who then gets a knife, to you know – guard me while I get our stuff. He is still just standing there – staring – creeping me the fuck out!!

Needless to say we grab our stuff and get the hell out of there!!

The photo is not actually him as didn’t want to piss him off with taking pic’s of him – but you get the gist xx

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