Sunday, 22 April 2012

Bed Bugs!!!

So around the time that I was in Christchurch is around the time that I first discovered that bed bugs are real!

I had always thought that they were some sort of mythical creature like unicorns or dragons and that the saying “night, night don’t let the bed bugs bite” was kind of like the warnings of the Boogy man i.e. fictional. They are not and oh boy, do the bed bugs bite!

After around 10 days of big red bites all over my arms and legs and it being unexplainable I see all of these little insects in the curtain of the campervan, when I squash one I realise that it is parasitic due to the blood that squirted out.

I had finally figured that it was this thing, that had been biting me; however was still absolutely clueless as to what exactly it was. So I, of course, i Googled it, and it turns out that our Wanderkreisen Van had a bed bug infestation.


At this point we were in a small town called Akoroa. Words can barely describe this place. It’s a long drive around the steep mountains with some breathtaking scenery. It’s a small French village; in New Zealand with an amazing harbour and a dozens of small islands out to sea - a stunningly beautiful place that I was now unable to enjoy.

After ringing the campervan people and being told “well, what do you expect sweetheart you aren’t in England anymore” they finally agree to swap the van if we go back to Christchurch.

We had to swap our van 2 more times to be bed bug free as all of Wanderkrisen has a problem (avoid Wanderkrisen like the plague).

How to know if you have Bed Bugs!!!

The bites are all in a line as they nibble on you as they walk.

The bits are red like a mosquito however can be way more irritating!

They only start to itch after a few hours.

If they are on your mattress or in the curtains in your room they leave black marks on the fabric.

They come out approximately every 3 days so not every day.

You need to fumigate to get rid.

If you go backpacking this is something that is unavoidable even the most reputable places can have them.

Sorry for grossing you all out but this shit happens. xx

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