Friday, 20 April 2012

Bay Of Islands New Zealand

So we pick up the campervan – our new home for the next 4 weeks. Within 30 minuets the cupboards were broken because we are a pair of geniuses. So we set of on our trip we decide to head north to The Bay Of Islands because it sounds incredible, it was average!
We drive for three hours. The scenery in NZ is unbelievable, heading north the scenery and the climate turns tropical you witness sheer mountain peaks covered with lush rainforest and palm trees. We make one stop for food on the way in Wangerei at a Burger King. No one is wearing any shoes which I find quite odd. After our quick pit stop we continue onto Pahia and The Bay of Islands. Pahia is a super funky little beach town. You can rent out Kayaks for the day to explore the surrounding islands. Sounds good? We never got to do any of that, Adam decided that if we rented a kayak we would certainly be eaten by a shark!! So we just chilled on the beach and spent a night in a nearby campsite, hoping for a slightly more active day in the morning. In the morning we awake to find rain, and I mean tropical rain! So we set off in search of a large cat sanctuary; we could chill with some tiger cub’s right. Very Wrong! After a long journey and a small incident with an eagle and Adam nearly driving us of a cliff, we arrive. Its $180 to enter, each!!! Fuck that so we just drive. We end up driving past a random park and stopping for lunch we decide to go for a walk and low and behold the trip is finally worth it. We had stumbled onto a gorgeous waterfall somewhere outside Wangerei. There was hardly anyone there which added to the tranquillity of the location. It’s an incredible feeling when you just end up somewhere so beautiful so unexpectedly.

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