Saturday, 21 April 2012

Christchurch A Ruined City

After 3 fabulous days in Kaikoura we decided against all advice to go to Christchurch; it can’t be that bad right? Oh it was, it was shocking. On entering the city we found we could go no further than the outskirts as the centre was closed off.

Even the outskirts were affected I saw a church turned to rubble the sides fallen off people’s houses, all their possession’s destroyed. The most shocking thing that I saw was the side of someone’s house had fallen off and you could see a fully furnished nursery. The cot was full of rubble.

It was sobering to think what must have happened here. At home we never really think about the effects of a disaster because it is always so far away, seeing it makes me wonder if I could actually ever cope with such a tragedy!

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